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During their formative years, kids begin developing lifetime attitudes toward their physical development.

Fliptime® Gymnastics classes promote the learning, fitness, nutritional values, and imagination important to that development and we do it with a coaching staff of safety-certified, champion gymnasts.

Plus, all of our classes teach technically correct gymnastics skills in the Olympic events of:

Balance Beam
Floor Exercise

Our Classes
From Diaper Dare Devils to Advanced Gymnastics, Fliptime offers the beginning foundations of coordination and physical awareness for 10-month-olds and up.

Diaper Dare Devils
Mom and Dad... you get in on this class, too! Explore gymnastics activities with your toddler by exercising motor skills and hand-eye coordination with him or her. Classes include parachute activities, musical locomotor warm-up and a fun introduction to basic gymnastics by learning through colorful, healthful, and fun-filled play.

Kids 3-5 years of age are introduced to the fastest growing,

most popular sport in America today: gymnastics. It's challenging, but it's fun! And Supertots is taught in a non-competitive atmosphere. Classes include locomotor warm-up, circuit training on kid-size gymnastics apparatus, and development of rhythm, strength and flexibility.

Hot Shots
Every child is a winner here! That's the philosophy in this non-competitive introduction to the Olympic apparatus: vault, bars, uneven bars, balance beams, trampoline and floor exercise.

Shooting Stars
These are special classes designed to challenge and fine-tune the skills of students six years of age and up who show exceptional dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Many of these Flippers are members of our exhibition team and are invited to perform at sporting events, parades, and other fun activities throughout the year.

We're always scheduling new schools, recreation centers and individual students with instruction tailored to your needs, so please, contact us if you have an interest!

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