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Summer 2009

This is a FUNTASTIC summer for Flippers of all ages!

Our Fliptime® Gymnastics Camps are booked solid at Calavera Hills and Stagecoach Park Rec Centers. But we'd like to keep you posted on our instruction and the fun your Flippers will have during camp because each day is a different theme to build on the kids' athletic skills.

Beach Day: We'll incorporate surfside activities into the gymnastics curriculum using beach balls and limbo sticks!

Western Day: We'll learn western dance and work with the jump rope to develop coordination and fitness!

Pirate Day: Get ready for a real treasure hunt!

Olympic Day: Fliptime® camp wouldn't be complete without a gold medal on the last day! So, our Flippers will perform for their families and friends all the great stuff they learn throughout the fun-filled week! And everyone gets the gold!


Fliptime's Marcie Germani and several of our Flippers' moms were featured in a North County Times news article. To read that article about Diaper Daredevils

click here.

INSTRUCTION UPDATE: Hollow Body Position

During school-year classes we were focusing on the hollow body position. Flippers need to keep their backs and tummies really, really tight during handstands, cartwheels, even swinging on bars. So, while they're not in class during the summer and just flippin' or floppin' with friends around the house, remember to tighten up and strengthen those muscles while you're having fun!


Our Fliptime® coaches will be fine-tuning their skills just in time for the summer months. We will be brainstorming all sorts of great things with other coaches and trainers, like technique and nutrition!

And, on September 12, 2009, America will celebrate

"National Gymnastics Day" to educate kids and their parents about the benefits of the sport!

Nutrition & Technique

In the nutrition department, you need to COUNT!!!!

Count your calorie intake so you know how long you should walk or run to burn off those calories. We have a great worksheet that helps you figure out what it takes to burn off a chocolate bar, soda or some fries.

Click here for that worksheet, and happy counting!

Quote of the Month

On July 4 we Americans will celebrate our 231st Independence Day! And so our quote this season is from the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

--Thomas Jefferson
3rd US President



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